Can SD-WAN Make Your Business Run Better?

By April 11, 2019IT Blog, Uncategorized

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world can be difficult. Evolving and adapting to new technologies is essential to staying ahead of your competition. But evolving and adapting gets tricky when you’re not fully aware of the latest business software and technology.

So what is SD-WAN and how can it make your business run better?


SD-WAN Origins

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) uses network technology to manage connections from broadband internet and 4G to LTE and even multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). This virtual WAN structure can give your business the ability to leverage connection options at any of your locations anywhere in the world. Additionally, SD-WAN can give you connection options for any of your sites and can securely connect users.


Why is This Important?

WAN was originally built for connecting users at the branch of campus to applications hosted on servers in the data center. However, this method no longer works with a cloud-centric world. Since WANs weren’t built to handle this type of data storage method, it becomes difficult and risky to continue to use this technology to keep your data safe.

Aside from the improved cloud capabilities, let’s explore the other benefits of SD-WAN.


Increased Security

Every new network implementation is designed with improved data security in mind. You can imagine SD-WAN as a large encrypted blanket that protects your network traffic all the way up to the cloud.


Reduced IT Costs

You’re probably weary of new technology because it’s often cost prohibitive. Fortunately, SD-WAN is cost-efficient and can save you money. With SD-WAN your business will have lower costs of implementation of new technology, support, expansion, and growth. Additionally, you’ll enjoy cost savings from eliminating outages and downtime thanks to its network resiliency, utilizing new, low-cost bandwidth, improving VoIP and providing constant uptime online.


Flexible and Scalable

You might be a small business today but you’ve got big plans on the horizon. Which is why SD-WAN is the perfect solution for your growing needs. This technology can easily accommodate changing network demands. This means you’ll have the flexibility to grow without having to make costly IT infrastructure changes.


Cloud Optimized

SD-WAN is designed for the cloud-centric business world. This means you can optimize your workflows for cloud platforms. Not only that but you can seamlessly extend the WAN to connect to multiple public clouds. And, even better, you can optimize the performance in real-time for Office 365, Salesforce, and other major SaaS applications.


Upgrade Today

Your business is growing bigger and better every day, which is why you need software, technology, and hardware to match your growing needs. If your business needs assistance with its IT and beyond, Emerge can help! We offer businesses technology services and solutions that help them stay competitive in today’s world.


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