Every month we all see DOZENS of articles in various magazines and blogs all focused on recruiting top talent in the IT field.These articles are all concerned with things like culture, employee benefits, negotiating top salaries, and various interviewing strategies for employees and employers alike. They outline checklists and industry standard quotients for nearly every measurable that should help to form your organizations “stand out factor” when it comes to attracting top talent.

But at the core of these articles, the most important factor is often not addressed.

Organizations spend exorbitant amounts of time focused on how to retain and attract talent for their open roles. Yet, often, they have not begun to address one of the biggest key factors that employees list as the reason they stay with an organization – the organizations WHY.

Chances are, you have a list of core values or a value statement listed in your Employee Handbook, or perhaps displayed in a breakroom. But ask yourself this, if you were to walk up to any of your leaders or employees without notice, would they be able to talk through your companies Why with you? Could they list out the values with passion and connect the dots to how they live those values daily? If you are hesitant to answer here, before you wander through the maze of beefing up your recruiting efforts, consider starting with truly defining your WHY.

Before you can successfully stand out in the competitive IT recruiting market, you must have a strong foundation of values, vision, and proven business ethics that your culture is built upon. This begins with your Why. But, how do you find your WHY if you feel it is stale or missing all together? Begin with a good old-fashioned brainstorming session with your leadership team.

Go offsite, or at minimum lock yourselves in a conference room for a few uninterrupted hours. Begin with questions like the list below and start to narrow down your focus into your Why as an organization.

·          How does your company solve problems for customers?

·          How do you differ from your competition?

·          What do your customers like about you?

·          How do your top employees embody why you come to work each day?

·          What are the top five reasons they are your top talent?

I won’t lie, this process does take a lot of time and energy. But the synergy it can create within your organizations walls is nearly priceless when it comes to employee passion and engagement, or re-engagement. Sharing your Why with your employees, creating a leadership lead ritual around incorporating the vision in how they bring themselves to work each day, helping their teams do the same, and truly marrying them into your company’s core foundation allows for a strong, unquestionable organizational WHY.

Now, more than ever, the seamless joining of personal and professional worlds is the theme in an attractive work culture. Employees want to work for an organization that not only drives their personal and professional growth but has a clear and strong vision of where they want to grow.

They want to have that undeniable passion for why they come to work each day and clearly understand how they play a part in the bigger picture for their company. They want authentic leaders who foster growth and passion in them for technology and help them see how their organization can be on the forefront of that growth.

Essentially, employees want to feel part of the bigger whole. Creating, sharing, and living your companies WHY is the first step in attracting top talent and helping them see how they fit into your companies’ vision.

Find your WHY and you will find your talent. 

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