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Are you having an IT issue that you need assistance with? We can easily be reached by phone, email or through the portal. 

  • If your issue is Business Critical and stopping you from working, please call help desk at 859-746-1030 ext. 3
  • If you need assistance but the issue isn’t urgent, please open a ticket online or email our help desk at [email protected]


Business-Critical Items

We define a Business-Critical Item as a situation when you cannot operate your business or a critical portion of your business. If you notify us of a Business-Critical item, we will open an incident ticket, and one of our engineers will attempt to resolve your need via either telephone or remote access methods. If our engineer cannot resolve the situation via telephone or remote access, we will automatically escalate your case for additional remote support or dispatch a resource to your location. We will provide additional support until we remedy your Business-Critical situation.

Normal Maintenance Items

We define a Normal Maintenance Items as any support covered by this Agreement that does not meet the definition of a Business-Critical Item. Upon receiving a Normal Maintenance Item from you, we will create an incident ticket and assign your ticket to one of our engineers. One or more of our engineers will schedule a maintenance time to work on your ticket within one business day. We will work towards resolving your situation at our next available maintenance window.


Cyber Security Incident Response

We can provide you with an optional incident response plan and service, including a breach notification process, to assess, escalate, and respond to identified Cyber Security Incidents that directly impact your organization, your customers, or result in loss of your data. If you select this optional service and we agree to provide such services, we will work with you to discover intrusions and vulnerabilities and make commercially reasonable efforts to help you mitigate the impact of your Cyber Security Incident. We have established an incident response plan and will make that plan and our team of engineers available upon your notification to us of a Cyber Security Incident and your desire to engage us to help you respond or remediate such Cyber Security Incident.

Emerge’s tailored Co-Managed IT Services can include