Many of us have heard of Microsoft Azure and understand it to be Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform, but it is much more than that. We offer Microsoft Azure support and consulting services to help companies better understand and utilize the power of Azure in their operations. You can gain scalability and flexibility while at the same time driving down costs.

Azure is a cloud computing platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Microsoft Azure’s Flexibility

Azure can be configured depending on your company’s needs, whether there’s a need to scale up, or down. For example, a company who has an online retail presence needing to prepare for Black Friday would simply direct Azure to auto scale to add 10x more virtual machines in advance to handle the load. Or in the case of a website whose traffic always skyrockets at 9am Monday through Friday, auto scaling targets could be scheduled for the work week.

Azure can include data storage and periodic backups. You may choose if you will place all your data in the cloud, or only your selected files (Hybrid Cloud Solution), and further, data can be replicated across geo-redundant datacenters.

Azure cloud services are charged based on actual consumption, and those costs can be paced based on the manner of use needed for your business. Azure has tools to monitor, allocate, and optimize costs to calculate future costs and required investment. Microsoft Azure can help you scale your business, lower costs to operate, and reduce deployment timeframes.

Azure Support and Consulting from Emerge

Emerge takes pride in providing support and consulting services for Microsoft Azure. Our advantage is our broad experience in cloud technologies.

Our services include installation, deployment, managing, optimizing and troubleshooting of cloud resources for any businesses of all types.

Emerge Information Technology Services is a certified Microsoft Azure Partner. Contact us to learn more about Azure Cloud Services and how they can help your company.